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Oscar Navarro & Sport Clips Team
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A self-made man, Oscar put himself through college and began his career in the financial sector. When his career required travel away from his family, Oscar knew he needed to pivot. He started his Allstate Agency in September of 2005 from scratch. Eleven years later he has 4,000 clients and is on the Advisory Board for the Allstate Company in California.

“I wanted to become a financial advisor. That’s what I was exposed to. That’s what I liked. When I met this Allstate guy, he said I should look at the Allstate model. You can do what you like and sell insurance and financial products.”

Diversifying Business Portfolio

With his background in finance, Oscar knew it was smart to diversify his business holdings. He liked the idea of being a business owner and was exposed to the franchising model from his client base.

“At the end of the day, you’re a business owner, the respect is there. That’s what I liked about the relationship I had with these guys — with any business owner — we talk the struggle, the business, the success.”

As an owner of an insurance agency, Oscar was not new to the employee retention challenges that retail-based businesses face.

“My retention in my offices is 90% 6-8+. When I understood the model of Sport Clips, I came in with a different mindset. I try to visit the store at least 3-4 times a week. We’ve been open for four months now. We’ve been really involved. Because the staff sees us there, we’re understanding the business, they really appreciate that. I have a great manager.”

Discovery and Validation

Though he had been interested in the franchising model, he hadn’t found one that really clicked.

One day, Oscar was running errands and in the same strip mall as his credit union he found a Sport Clips. One great experience leads to another. After seeing the sign advertising franchising opportunities, he discussed the options with his wife and took his boys (10 and 7) to get the MVP experience.

His son said, “Dad, this is the best thing ever. I don’t want to get my haircut anywhere else now.”

He started the discussions and did his own research.

“I got some information from local Team Leaders. The Business Director was straightforward. I started getting haircuts at Sport Clips around the area. Just to see if it is the same. It was.”

Oscar isn’t leaving insurance for franchising. “My agency is my bread and butter.” But with Sport Clips, he found a company that cares, and a great way to diversify.

“I found a company that showed me they care about the process. I love the brand. Sport Clips support team values people. That meant a lot to me. I knew I wasn’t going to be out there alone.”



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