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Domain name or commonly called Domain Name or URL is a unique address in the internet world used to identify a website, or in other words domain name is the address used to find a website on the internet world. Domain names are traded freely on the internet with an annual lease status. Once the Domain Name is purchased at one of the registration providers, the user is provided with a control panel for administration.

If the user forgets / does not extend the lease term, then the domain name will be released again its availability to the public. We provide web hosting here Best Hosting 2018 serve the purchase of web hosting easly. The domain name itself has an extension identification / suffix in accordance with the importance and location of the existence of the website.

Examples of domain names with international extensions are com, net, org, info, biz, name, ws. Examples of domain names with country location extensions are: co.id: For a Business Entity that has legal entity, ac.id: For Educational Institutions, go.id: Especially for Government Institutions of the Republic of Indonesia, mil.id: Especially for the Military Institute of the Republic of Indonesia, or.id: For all kinds of organizations that are not included in the category "ac.id", "co.id", "go.id", "mil.id" and others. war.net.id: for internet cafes industry in Indonesia.

The amount of data that can be entered depends on the amount of web hosting that is rented / owned, the greater the web hosting the greater the data that can be entered and displayed in the website. Home place website, Web Hosting can be interpreted as a room contained in the hard disk where the data, files, pictures, video, email data, statistics, databases and so forth will be displayed on the website.

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