Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

franchise pod faq

At FranchisePOD.com, our team strives to inform and educate potential franchisees and existing franchisors with timely, relevant information that is useful in the franchise industry. Below, you will find FAQ sections targeting several groups of main users of FranchisePOD.com. As always, we are here to help you succeed, so please utilize our Contact Us page for more granular information.

franchise pod general faq

QUESTION: What does Franchise POD mean?
ANSWER: Franchise POD means franchise “point of destination”. This means FranchisePOD.com is a great way to learn more about franchises in general and specific franchise business opportunities.

QUESTION: Is FranchisePOD.com a singular entity?
ANSWER: In many ways, the answer is “yes”. But there is more. FranchisePOD.com is a member of The FranchiseMarketingSolutions.com Network designed  primarily to generate leads and excitement for franchise brands.

QUESTION: How can FranchisePOD.com help me succeed?
ANSWER: If you are interested in learning more about the franchise industry, FranchisePOD.com has many resources that can help you on  your path to success. Franchise press releases, franchise news, franchise FDD information, franchise opportunities, franchisor interviews and franchisee interviews can all prove helpful depending on your specific goals.

QUESTION: Where can I learn more about franchisee, franchise and franchisor associations?
ANSWER: One great resource is FranchiseeAssociations.com which is also a family member of The Franchise Marketing Solutions Network.

prospective franchisee faq

QUESTION: I am sick of my job and interested in potentially owning a franchise. How can you help me?
ANSWER: The quick answer is with information. Information that is accurate, timely and relevant. Invest time reading our franchise press releases and news and interacting with the franchises that interest you. Visit our franchise member company showcases to learn more specifics about each particular franchise that interests you. When you have narrowed down your field, contact the franchise(s) in the manner you prefer to move forward on your successful franchise journey.

QUESTION: What is the #1 reason people choose to own a franchise?
ANSWER: There are many reasons entrepreneurs love owning franchises but one of the ones we hear the most is that folks simply love the concept of being in business for themselves, but not by themselves. This means that business support is always available to you with a top franchise system. Also, people love to invest their resources into proven concepts with a track record of success. This is what franchising is all about.

QUESTION: How much money will I have to invest to buy a franchise?
ANSWER: The amount needed varies from a few thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on the particular franchise opportunity. With most franchise concepts, you can get a general idea from their listing information here on FranchisePOD and even more detailed information when you actually contact the franchises you are interested in. Remember, franchises are happy to answer your questions before they consider awarding you a franchise.

QUESTION: How much money can I make with my franchise?
ANSWER: The answer varies like any business but you can learn more from the franchise(s) you are interested in and by talking with current franchisees.

franchisor faq

QUESTION: How can I use the FranchisePOD resource to grow our franchise?
ANSWER: We have several programs that are effective at generating interest and requests for more information from your franchise. Our system empowers you to deliver your franchise news, franchisor and franchisee interviews and of course, specific franchise information showcases.

QUESTION: How much traffic does FranchisePOD.com have?
ANSWER: As of the first quarter of 2016, FranchisePOD.com has averaged over 70,000 human visitors monthly who look at an average of 505,000 total website pages monthly.

QUESTION: What about social engagement?
ANSWER: FranchisePOD.com enjoys particularly strong engagement on twitter at https://twitter.com/FranchisePOD with highly responsive, franchise-centric followers. Typically, @FranchisePOD enjoys over 225,000 impressions per month and 24 hour impressions often reach 14,000 or more as our social media team actively shares franchise-focused assets located on FranchisePOD.com. You may also find many screenshots of our website and social media stats directly posted and favorited on our feed.

QUESTION: Who are the founders and operators of FranchisePOD.com?
ANSWER: The founder of FranchisePOD.com is Mark Milburn. Mark is also directly responsible for managing day to day activities of operation. Mark began building internet-based franchise lead generation systems in 1998 and his efforts and the efforts of his team, have resulted in 100,000’s of franchise leads being generated/distributed to 1000’s of franchisors with the end result of 1000’s of new franchises being awarded.

QUESTION: What else raises my visibility on FranchisePOD.com?
ANSWER: Strategic banner advertising is a great resource for augmenting the performance of your brand within our system. Here you can choose where your  banners are displayed (as long as space permits) and even become a Platinum Sponsor (limited to 12 spots total). Talking with one of our Franchise Marketing Experts about your goals can be an effective way to maximize your ROI within our system. Be sure to ask about our industry-leading “Performance Guarantee”.

QUESTION: What about advertising, marketing and lead generation prices?
ANSWER: Our Franchise Marketing Experts will be happy to answer all of your questions. Currently (as of 5/1/2016), you may run unlimited press releases with up to 10 pictures each for $499.00/1 year. You may also run a franchise showcase for your brand with up to 10 pictures and more starting at just $4999.00/1 year. Franchise resale listings are $999.00/1 year. Any type of listing may be featured for $499.00/year for added exposure. Your FME is happy to help you make the best choices as to best practices, maximum ROI lead generation programs and pricing for custom banner ad packages.

QUESTION: Who places my ads and press releases?
ANSWER: At FranchisePOD.com, we empower you to do-it-yourself. This means you can open a free account and then place your own ads and press releases yourself anytime you like. We also offer concierge (turn-key) service at no additional cost.  Please choose the options that fit your needs and remember, we are dedicated to your success.

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